You got questions - we got answers.  Below are some of the most common questions we get. Find the location that is nearest you and get your player signed up today.

Tackle Football FAQ's

What are the important dates?

Registration opens every December. Teams will practice 2-3 times per week. Practices will begin in March. Games begin in April. Usually we have six regular season games and two weeks of playoffs.

What are the tackle football districts?

Teams will be formed based on where the girls reside and the number of girls who register to play in each division.  We plan on having teams located throughout Salt Lake and Utah counties.

Where are tackle football games held?

Games are on Saturday and will last 1 hour. The locations of the games are tentatively scheduled for the following locations: Tentatively Scheduled: Lehi and West Jordan

Where and when are tackle football practices held?

Teams will practice beginning in March. High School and Jr. High gets 3 practices per week for 2 hours. Elementary gets 2 practices per week for 2 hours at the following field locations: (To Be Determined)



What are the ages of girls that can play tackle football?

All girls between 3rd - 12th grade can play in the league.

What are the RULES of the tackle football?


What is the size of the football?

We use approved and good grade footballs.

  • GRADES 3-6 will use the Pee Wee Size 

  • GRADES 7-8 will use the Junior Size 

  • HIGH SCHOOL will use Youth size

What is the cost?

The registration fee includes the majority of necessary equipment, fittings, and fees to be part of the league.

Visit our sign up page to see current cost for registration.

What equipment do I need for tackle football?

The additional equipment you will need are Cleats, Mouth guard, Upgraded Chin Strap (not required.) All other equipment is provided. We have some great contacts from USA Football and we get the best equipment.

How long and often are tackle football practices?

High school and Junior high teams usually practice 3 times per week. 

Elementary teams usually practice 2 times per week.  Practices will last about 2 hours.

Tackle football games and how long do games last?

Games are held on Saturday and last about 1-1/2 hours.


What is needed at the tackle football fitting?

Please arrive early and allow enough time to have your daughter fitted for the right equipment. We recommend wearing sweats or under shirts to make the fitting process easier. Try not to wear jeans.  Note that we have a lot of girls excited to play -- please be patient and be prepared that at times the fitting days can busy.  


If you have not paid for your registration yet you can come to the fitting events and we can help answer questions about registration. Note that all registration is done online by credit card.  WE DON'T ACCEPT CHECKS.

BIRTH CERTIFICATE (or copy of certificate) is REQUIRED at equipment fittings to verify age. We want the girls in the right age groups and weight limits. 


Are Coaches Certified?

The league teaches a HeadsUp style of play. Our coaches and board members train on how to avoid concussions or any other serious injuries.  Fun and safety is huge priority.

The league requires all coaches to undergo background checks to be certified by USA Football. The certification process requires coaches to teach proper tackling and blocking techniques designed to take the head out of the play. It also teaches coaches to identify and respond to common injuries such as concussions.

Should I wait to put my girl in football till she's bigger & stronger?

No. Football is a full-contact sport and it is important to learn proper techniques early. This first will help to avoid injuries. It will also teach your child how to make proper blocks, tackles and how to be blocked and tackled. If you wait to enroll your child it will only put them further behind in learning proper skills. We also have a flag football division (see FAQ's below).

I want to play tackle football but can't afford it.

Don't let the lack of funds hold you back. Many companies or individuals are willing to sponsor girls to play in the league. Approach your employer to see if they will sponsor your child or another child in need.


We have some wonderful parents, family, and friends at the games.


Unfortunately we also have challenges at games. We ask that ALL PARENTS be respectful at games. Our goal is to show great sportsmanship and good example to these young women.


• No yelling, swearing, altercations with refs or coaches, yelling or belittling of players, or any type of altercation.


• Please pick up your trash (and more) to keep our fields CLEAN.

If rules are broken it may result in penalties for the team or the players dismissal from the team. The Utah Girls Tackle Football League reserves the right to improve the league, rules, etc at their discretion to keep the league healthy, safe, and fun.